Why Buy a Honda Engine?

Honda has a long history of groundbreaking innovation. Discover the Honda difference.

Legendary Expertise


Renowned Reliability

Advanced Technology

Experience the expertise of Honda.

Exceptional engineering ensures exceptional performance.

High-quality components built for hard work and dependability.

Innovation is at the heart of all Honda technology.

Honda Engines All Models

All Honda engines meet current CARB and EPA standards
Mini 4-Stroke Series

Along with the Mini 4-Strokes’ manageable weight, you get solid performance, 360° operation (GX25, GX35), easy starting and legendary Honda reliability.

Mini 4-Stroke Series Horizontal Crankshaft

Mini 4-Stroke Series Vertical Crankshaft

GC Series

The GC Series has a revolutionary combination of the world's first internal timing belt, tough overhead cam and uniblock construction. This makes it light and compact, perfect for residential power equipment.

GC Series Horizontal Crankshaft

GC Series Vertical Crankshaft

GX Series

The GX Series has proven itself as one of the most rugged, easy-starting and reliable engines around. Trades people stake their livelihood on them day after day. With a wide range of selections, there's a GX Series engine for almost any application.

GX Series Horizontal Crankshaft

GX Series Vertical Crankshaft

V-Twin Series

Does the V-Twin Series have it all? You be the judge. Compared to most other engines, you get higher horsepower, greater fuel efficiency, convenient controls and quieter operation. And if you’re not quite convinced, the 3-year commercial warranty will seal the deal.

V-Twin Series Horizontal Crankshaft

V-Twin Series Vertical Crankshaft

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