Why Choose a Honda Engine?

Two race cars going around track

Experience Counts

Experience born on racetracks and roadways around the globe. Experience that keeps us on the cutting edge of engine performance technology. We have a well-earned reputation for our engine quality and performance. When you choose a Honda engine, or a product powered by Honda, you know what you're getting: an engine you can count on, now and in the future.

Two race cars going around track

Honda Engine Technology

Honda engines offer a variety of advanced features for performance, durability, and the highest quality available. Click on any feature to learn more.

  • Automatic Mechanical de-compression system

    Benefit: Easy Starting Models: All

  • Photo of Honda iGX800 engine
    Variable timing digital CDI ignition

    Benefit: Easy Starting, high power output and fuel efficiency Models: GX 270-390, V-Twin

  • Close up of Honda engine oil valve
    Oil alert

    Benefit: Improved reliability Models: GX, V-Twin

  • Close up of Honda combustion chamber
    Hemispherical combustion chamber

    Benefit: Fuel efficiency and higher output Models: V-Twin

  • Close up of Honda engine cylinder and head
    Integrated cylinder and head

    Benefit: Improved reliability and combustion Models: V-Twin

  • Close up of Honda engine oil pump
    High-capacity oil pump

    Benefit: Improved reliability Models: V-Twin

  • Close up of Honda combustion chamber
    Compact combustion chamber, overhead cam design and uniblock construction

    Benefit: Increased reliability, easier maintenance and lighter weight Models: GC

  • Close up of Honda GXV engine
    Lifetime timing belt design

    Benefit: Improved reliability Models: GC

  • Top view of Honda engine
    Full 360 “any-side-up” operation

    Benefit: Ease of use Models: Mini-4-stroke (GX25, GX35)

  • Close up of Honda GXV engine
    Approximately half the operating cost of comparable 2-stroke engines

    Benefit: Reduced cost of ownership Models: Mini-4-stroke

  • Belt-driven OHC design

    Benefit: Reduced noise Models: GC, Mini-4-stroke

More Reasons Why

Renowned Reliability and Quality.

Honda sets the standard for reliable, hard-working engines. Ours are built with high-quality components designed for optimum performance, even in the harshest environments. But don't just take our word for it. Honda stands behind our engines a three-year commercial warranty on all GX engines, 100cc and larger.
Or ask a Honda engine owner. Next time you visit a rental centre, see a landscape truck, or pass by a construction site, you'll probably see a Honda GX engine-powered piece of equipment. Stop and ask them what they think of the Honda engine. Chances are they'll tell you they wouldn't use anything else.

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Canada Wide Parts and Service Support

Honda understands the importance of getting you back to work quickly. Honda has a vast nationwide support network of over 2000 Honda Service Dealers. From parts to service, Honda servicing dealers are there to assist you when you need it.

2 Honda engine models beside each other

Why Honda is the Go-To for Manufacturing

Hundreds of OEMs trust Honda to power their products for instant credibility.