GX Series

The GX Series has proven itself as one of the most rugged, easy-starting and reliable engines around. Trades people stake their livelihood on them day after day. With a wide range of selections, there's a GX Series engine for almost any application.
Horizontal Crankshaft
Photo of Honda GX100 engine

Impressive fuel efficiency, serious durability, and a solid performance you can rely on – from one day to the next, the GX100 is ready to work hard for you.

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Photo of Honda GX120 engine

Ready for almost anything, the GX120 offers low noise levels and emissions – along with plenty of power and reliability to boot.

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Photo of Honda GX160 engine

The GX160 is the perfect engine for a wide range of applications across forestry, agriculture, and industrial needs. It’s also a truly reliable performer that delivers power and fuel efficiency.

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Photo of Honda GX270 engine

Newly designed for better noise levels and emissions, the GX200 is a serious performer that doesn’t sacrifice power when it counts.

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Photo of Honda GX270 engine

The GX270 continues to set the standard for exceptional power, fuel consumption and emissions for a wide range of lawn, construction and agricultural equipment.

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Photo of Honda GX340 engine

Great for small vehicles, water pumps and countless other uses – the GX340 engine was recently updated for more power and better fuel consumption.

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Photo of Honda GX390 engine

Experience loads of power, impressive durability and exceptional fuel consumption with the GX390 – a great engine choice for water pumps, pressure washers, small vehicles and more.

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Vertical Crankshaft
Photo of Honda GXV160 engine

Reliable, easy starting and fuel efficient. There’s a reason it’s the engine professionals rely on.

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Photo of Honda GXV390 engine

The GXV390 is an ideal choice when you need power, reliability and fuel efficiency for your small vehicles and construction equipment.

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